Gift vouchers

Cameo supports unique voucher codes which customers can use as a payment method in any form which takes payments. For example, for
* gift memberships,
* concert bookings, or
* merchandise.
They work like mobile phone top-up cards.
For example, this means someone can purchase a voucher and give it to someone else as a gift membership, without the data protection problems of the original purchaser needing to provide a third party’s details. Or they can gift a ticket voucher without needing to decide which particular concert for the recipient. Read More…

Additional interim transaction details

Interim transactions now include payment method name and payee account details (such as the last four digits of the credit card number they used)in the transaction description. When an interim transaction is reconciled with a real transaction (whether manually or automatically), its description is now appended to that of the real transaction, so this information is not lost. Read More…

Discount codes

A new section, trading → discount codes, lets you define codes with various properties, like value and validity dates. You can then offer a box in forms which take payment, for members or customers to obtain that discount. The discount codes section also summarises which codes have been used, when and who by.

Initially, you can use these codes with the join form. We’ll extend this to other forms such as shopping (merchandise) and booking (for events) in future. Read More…

Merchandise sales: a shopping basket for Cameo

Cameo now supports online merchandise sales. This uses: * the existing section, trading → inventory and stock, where you list the products for sale * a form type “shopping” that provides a shopping basket * A new section, trading → online sales, where you manage sales (arising from the form) * Integration with accounting everywhere needed, for things like reconciliation and book-keeping. Read More…