Card fraud prevention measures: new website requirements

One advantage of using a third-party payment provider, such as Stripe, is that they fulfil the standards required by the Payment Card Industry to take payments online. However, a new version of these standards makes some significant requirements of web pages that host card payment forms. You will need to abide by to continue to take card payments. Neither Cameo nor Stripe can do this for you! It is a requirement of your website. Read More…

Making and reporting on regular donations

Cameo’s payment form type now offers regular as well as single payments (for example, to support regular donations by direct debit). A new subsection in search more → donations lets you compare donations over time, sub-divided by regular and one-off. To accommodate this, in accounting tasks → reconciliation you say whether a donation is regular or one-off, so Cameo can attribute it correctly. Read More…

Introducing accounting and trading

In this significant update, Cameo now offers accounting and trading. Accounting means book-keeping: the ability to record and attribute transactions to different account categories and report on them. Trading means preparing paperwork for invoices, purchase orders and quotations, receipts and expenses, sending them, paying for them and accounting for them afterwards. A new form for merchandise sales will also follow soon. There are lots of new articles about these, summarised here with links:

∙ Book-keeping and reconciliation
∙ Trading documents
∙ New form: invoice
∙ Payment form update
∙ Reporting on fundraising campaigns
∙ Bank statement updates
∙ Inventory and stock
∙ Receipts and expenses claims Read More…