Bluesky and Mastodon added to social media

You can now add Bluesky and Mastodon your organisation’s social media accounts in organisation settings → organisation details. This adds corresponding buttons to News Builder footers and lets you insert the new social media links into templates.

Also, these two services are included in the list available to add to member individual’s additional handles. Read More…

Twitter → X

As I’m sure you all know, Twitter became X recently, and changed logo. Cameo now reflects that:

* The organisation social media accounts in organisation settings → organisation details offer X now instead of Twitter, and any existing account is updated.

* News Builder footers now include X if you have an organisation X account set up. Existing templates have not changed, but the logo image, which they obtain from, are updated.

* Individual’s social media handles (+@ to add one in a membership record) now show X rather than Twitter, and the list of default services available for these also lists X instead of Twitter. Read More…