Additional support for hybrid events

A hybrid event is available both in-person (at a physical location) and online (for example, in a Zoom call). When setting up a hybrid event you can now also: * identify tickets which are for online use only * target emails only at either the in-person or online event attendees * use conditional substitutions to include or exclude text in a ticket template when the ticket is valid only online or in-person Read More…

DMARC reports

(This article is aimed at people who know about DNS).

When you ask them to, email providers who receive your mailshots send you email information about email security: a DMARC report. You can now direct such DMARC reports to Cameo.

Administrators (only) can then find them, as attachments, at the end of profile → incoming email.

Google will require DMARC to be active for senders of bulk email from February 2024. Read More…

Mailing labels

Mailing labels are die-cut sheets of sticky-backed paper suitable for printing in a laser- or ink-jet printer. This tutorial shows how to produce mailing labels from Cameo. Sometimes recipients need special attention. For example, they may need additional postage because they are mailed abroad. You will want to catch these to give them the attention they need: Cameo offers various techniques to do this.  Read More…

More flexibility in join and renew forms and membership types

Membership types now support various discounts and surcharges (for example, a lower cost when paying by direct debit).

As well as reflecting these pricing adjustments, the join form now offers some optional boxes which have the effect of filtering membership type to choose. Where there are lots of membership type combinations, this reduces and simplifies the number of choices up-front.

You can also restrict the payment methods by membership type. For example, it may only be appropriate to pay monthly subscriptions by automated methods like Direct Debit.

The renew form also deals with these new membership type variations. Read More…

Bluesky and Mastodon added to social media

You can now add Bluesky and Mastodon your organisation’s social media accounts in organisation settings → organisation details. This adds corresponding buttons to News Builder footers and lets you insert the new social media links into templates.

Also, these two services are included in the list available to add to member individual’s additional handles. Read More…