Card fraud prevention measures: new website requirements

One advantage of using a third-party payment provider, such as Stripe, is that they fulfil the standards required by the Payment Card Industry to take payments online. However, a new version of these standards makes some significant requirements of web pages that host card payment forms. You will need to abide by to continue to take card payments. Neither Cameo nor Stripe can do this for you! It is a requirement of your website. Read More…

Appointments and meetings calendar

Cameo now has a built-in calendar. Find it in library → calendar.
• view as a list or by month
• add appointments (timed, day, several days)
• tag appointments
• repeat appointments (including nth day of month and last day of month)
• get notifications in advance
• filter appointments in the usual Cameo style
• provide location (online URL or place) and on a map
• add attachments to appointments
• see other Cameo dates on the calendar (forthcoming events, invoice payments due, reminder notifications due)
• get iCalendar files for export to other calendars
Read More…