DMARC reports

(This article is aimed at people who know about DNS).

When you ask them to, email providers who receive your mailshots send you email information about email security: a DMARC report. You can now direct such DMARC reports to Cameo.

Administrators (only) can then find them, as attachments, at the end of profile → incoming email.

Google will require DMARC to be active for senders of bulk email from February 2024. Read More…

About spam block lists

Some email recipient services use privately run spam block lists to filter incoming emails. For each email they receive, recipients ask whether the IP address of the server where the email originates is on a block list. It is then up to the recipient email provider how they act on that information. Read More…

New addresses for sending emails to Cameo

In future, Cameo will handle its own incoming email directly (instead of checking a separate mailbox every so often). New addresses look like this:

To introduce this in a controlled way, we need to change the addresses you send to. The old addresses will continue to work for the next few weeks, but please start using the new addresses now. Read More…