Simpler spreadsheet imports

Importing membership records from spreadsheet files has been considerably simplified. It is now much more forgiving in its handling of spreadsheets and doesn’t rely so much on Cameo’s internal structure

• Character set encoding in CSV is now detected automatically

• Import direct from Google Sheets

• Import Excel .xlsx files

• Column headings are now familiar captions

• Case, space and punctuation in headings and some fields is ignored

• Example proforma spreadsheets

• Column headings for multiple individuals’ fields can just be repeated

• Error messages refer to spreadsheet row number

• Mark rows and columns you don’t want to import

• More information about what went wrong

• Fix some problems on the fly

• Dates, currency, yes/no values and names can be entered much more flexibly.
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Contact categories: improved ‘welcome’ and ‘search more’

To make it easier to limit welcome messages to those contacts that require them, and to search only some kinds of contact, contact types are each now placed in one of four categories: supporter, stakeholder, customer or representative. This replaces three separate settings for contact types: ‘Representative’ tick box, ‘Exclude search’ tick box and ‘Bookings’ Read More…

“Questions” – a new form type for questionnaires, petitions and consultations.

A new form type, “questions”, joins the stable of Cameo forms. This provides general data acquisition for things like questionnaires and petitions, or anywhere you want to collect structured responses to a set of questions connected to a respondent. Accompanying the form is a new section, “questionnaire and petition responses”, in “member info”. You can see the responses to your form in various ways there, including on bar charts, pie charts and maps. The form identifies a list to collect together the responses and uses custom fields for your questions. A new custom field lets you ask them to pinpoint a location on a map. Read More…

Further integration with GoCardless for direct debit management

More information is now available within Cameo when using GoCardless as direct debits service provider: • Membership records have a new field “Direct Debit amount” which records the amount of the regular payment by Direct Debit. • GoCardless’ Customer Identifier is automatically stored in the membership Bank Reference field. • A new section “direct debit information” on the Membership Info menu retrieves GoCardless records for the selected membership, which presents much the same information as GoCardless’ dashboard, along with two buttons:
• “update amount”, which replaces the membership record’s direct debit amount field with that held by GoCardless, and •
“update GC email”, which updates GoCardless record of the customer’s email address.
• A new substitution {show: direct debit amount} includes the value in the direct debit amount field during template merging. Read More…

Member rate tickets and multiple discounts for event bookings

Tickets for events can now be offered at a reduced rate for current members. To book, they have to use an email address of a member and cannot purchase more tickets than the number of individuals in their membership. You can also now select more than one special rate, so it is possible to have, for example, a member rate which is only available until a certain date. Read More…