Filters and tables tidy-up

Many of Cameo’s sections use tables to display the items they are concerned with. Some of these have filters at the top to find subsets of items according to various criteria. As these have been added at various times, while generally similar, they have not all been completely consistent. So, I’ve done some tidying up to bring them into line with each other and added a couple more filters – for events and forms. Read More…

Store social media handles, extra emails and phone numbers

Individuals in a membership record now have additional ways to address them: any number of additional fields for social media handles such as their Twitter name, and Facebook name, and alternative email addresses and phone numbers. (The personal phone number field has moved to the new scheme). You can search for handles, open their Twitter page (for example), substitute them in templates and make lists such as “all those with Twitter handles”. Read More…

Xero bank feeds

Cameo can now piggy-back onto Xero automated bank feeds. Xero is a business accounting service which can now use the UK’s Open Banking initiative to obtain bank statement transactions from any bank that offers them. Once Xero has obtained the previous day’s transactions for an account, Cameo can fetch these from Xero so Cameo’s bank accounts can also be kept up-to-date and in sync with Xero. Read More…

Simpler spreadsheet imports

Importing membership records from spreadsheet files has been considerably simplified. It is now much more forgiving in its handling of spreadsheets and doesn’t rely so much on Cameo’s internal structure

• Character set encoding in CSV is now detected automatically

• Import direct from Google Sheets

• Import Excel .xlsx files

• Column headings are now familiar captions

• Case, space and punctuation in headings and some fields is ignored

• Example proforma spreadsheets

• Column headings for multiple individuals’ fields can just be repeated

• Error messages refer to spreadsheet row number

• Mark rows and columns you don’t want to import

• More information about what went wrong

• Fix some problems on the fly

• Dates, currency, yes/no values and names can be entered much more flexibly.
Read More…

Contact categories: improved ‘welcome’ and ‘search more’

To make it easier to limit welcome messages to those contacts that require them, and to search only some kinds of contact, contact types are each now placed in one of four categories: supporter, stakeholder, customer or representative. This replaces three separate settings for contact types: ‘Representative’ tick box, ‘Exclude search’ tick box and ‘Bookings’ Read More…