Cameo: membership organiser

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Cameo is membership management software: a cloud database and web application for organising and communicating with fee-paying members and other supporters of an organisation.

We have in mind clubs, societies, political or campaigning groups, churches, community or social groups, gyms and sports halls: anything where you might collect a regular subscription from people.

Cameo reflects the needs of a medium size organisation with a workflow centred around efficiency of use and focussed on the idiosyncrasies of running a membership list (CRM systems are unwieldy for this, and use unfamiliar vocabulary). The user interface is compact, with everything to hand, organised around the tasks you need to do.

Because it's in the cloud, it's accessible to more than one person, and at meetings or on stalls: move on from the desktop spreadsheets and manual workflow you probably started with.

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Cameo was originally written for and to meet the growing pains of Cambridge Cycling Campaign. If the name stands for anything it is “Cambridge membership organiser”.


There's a demo version you can try. Please email for a login, or fill in the form:



For voluntary groups with a small database, it could be as little as the hosting costs, and covering any development costs. If your voluntary organisation can afford it, I'd quite like a contribution: make me an offer.

For commercial organisations, 2 pence (UK) per month per membership/contact record managed by Cameo, hosted centrally.

Try it out free with real data, perhaps running in parallel with your existing system.

Happy to discuss what it would take if you need help with making or integrating membership forms on your own web site, or if you wanted interesting integrations (e.g. a gym popping up the member's photo when they swipe a membership card). Hosting separately or on a server of your own, or sending large volumes of email, may cost more depending how it is done.

I'm flexible at the moment, please ask.

More detail

You can read the app's help page if you like.

It's currently available in English only; currency symbol is customizable, but only one currency.

Cameo is produced by David Earl.