Cameo 10: proposed changes to lists

For Cameo 10, I am thinking about making some changes to how lists and templates work to address some problems, particularly with opting out. I envisage:

• Separating opt-outs from lists, so that people opt-out from a small number of purposes for which templates are sent.

•Allowing all lists to be subscribed to manually, in addition to anyone they automatically select. Read More…

Using News Builder

News Builder is a major addition to Cameo’s template editor. With it you can compose structured mailshots from a set of ready-made, customisable blocks.

 Edit the text and replace place-holder images with your own in the usual way in the template editor. Text can include substitutions, of course. 

You can save individual blocks as amended, and these carry your own text for re-use as well as colour etc. Read More…

About tables of items

Cameo displays lots of things in a summary table with more detail and controls to make changes if you expand the summary. These share a common look and feel. Many have filters and/or sorting controls in the table header. This article explains how to use these tables and filters. Read More…