Cameo is now able to use a Stripe account (which you will probably already be using to accept credit and debit card payments) to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay in forms that require payments (currently: payment, booking, join and renew).

Though Stripe handles these for you, Cameo uses a separate payment method from direct card payments with Stripe, as the workflow is different. The purchaser selects Apple Pay (or whatever you choose to call it) instead of whatever your Stripe payment method is called (Credit/debit card for example). Instead of a box to enter credit card details, a branded button is presented which triggers the device’s built-in payment mechanism, e.g.

Also, Apple has an additional security requirement for Apple Pay (see below) that has to be managed on your main website.

Set up required to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay

  1. Add a new payment method in the Payment Methods section in Organisation Settings (admin privilege required). Make it public so it is available to forms. Choose ApplePay as the payment processor. Add your Stripe credentials in the box provided exactly as for your Stripe card payment method (see help for details).
  2. Add your main web site to Stripe’s dashboard. (You will need to do this and the following step for as many websites as are embedding your Cameo forms).
  3. Authorise your web site – the one in which you are embedding your forms (not Cameo – though you could do so also to use form previews – and not your forms server) – to accept Apple Pay. There are detailed instructions for how to do this in the Cameo help, but in short, you have to put a unique file provided by Stripe onto your web site so Apple can verify you own it.
  4. Add your payment method to the list of those accepted by your Stripe account in Cameo’s Bank Accounts section.
  5. In your forms, include your ApplePay payment method in the list of payment methods offered, with appropriate text to describe it and confirm payment, and re-install your forms.