Cameo’s payment form is now ready. Like all forms, you can have more than one instance, worded differently and with different options, and publish it to your forms server for embedding in public web pages. This form type interacts with payment methods defined in Organisation Settings, and with third-party payment providers.

On its own the payment form can support settling invoices, taking arbitrary donations or paying for merchandise, for example. But it will also be incorporated in membership and renewal forms (of which taking payment is the most challenging part), coming soon.

In particular, this supports payments through:

  • Stripe (credit and debit cards)
  • GoCardless (Direct Debits)
  • PayPal (accounts and credit/debit cards through guest checkout),
  • Manual methods like cash, cheques and bank transfers
  • Voucher coupons

Here’s a live example:

You can have primary and secondary payment methods so the choices aren’t overwhelming, but still offer a wide range.

The third-parties need authorisation credentials, usually in the form of keys or tokens that they provide on their account pages. When you define a payment method in Cameo, and choose one of these payment providers, Cameo provides a further box to enter theses credentials. The help pages for payment methods explain exactly what is needed for each provider, and where to find the information on their websites. To be available to forms you also must make the payment method public by ticking the box for this.

The new form can be set up to take arbitrary payments, or it can be set up to respond to a custom URL. So, for example, you could send someone a link containing an invoice number as reference and the amount due, so the recipient can click the link to process the payment using whichever means you offer. Or if you are selling a T-shirt, the checkout button can take you to the payment page with the product code and amount payable. You can add an additional donation field to the process if you want.

(1) Make a payment method public to use it with forms (you don’t have to have all public payment methods on all forms)
(2) Choose the provider service that will process the payments
(3) Enter the credentials that allow Cameo to access your account with the provider