The final two form types intended for Cameo version 7 are now available: join and renew. These are managed in the same way as other forms. However, their nature is such that they have significantly more options than most of the other forms. They also interact more with other Cameo settings: membership types and payment methods especially, for obvious reasons.

Stripe can be included as a payment processor for non-recurring card payments in both cases.

If you are testing using either Stripe or GoCardless (each has test credentials, which you need to provide in the Payments Method section as detailed in the help for that section) they supply test account numbers you can use.

  • For Stripe: credit card number 4000 0082 6000 0000, any future expiry date, and any 3 digit CVC code.
  • For GoCardless use a sandbox account with sort code 20-20-20 and bank account number 55779911. Note that (unlike a test version of Cameo) GoCardless sandbox really does send email confirmations, so use an email address you have access to, and not that of a real member!

There’s a lot of new code here, and lots of variations you can select, which need testing before deploying.

Note that you can’t run GoCardless payments directly in preview for forms as it prohibits inclusion in an iframe (a page within a page). Instead, for this, use the “in new window” button at the top right of the preview.


This is for self-service membership applications. The form comprises five sections, steps 4 and 5 depending on the payment processor:

  1. People
    • how many people are joining (there is an option in the form definition to offer just individual memberships)
    • their names and email addresses (only the first email address is mandatory: most payment processors demand an email address, so there must be at least one)
    • whether they or any of the individuals are under 16 and instructions as to what to do if they are (you can choose to omit this; it is there to offer GDPR compliance; typically you would request permission of an adult)
    • and based on the information given, offer (or just explain if there is only one) appropriate membership types to choose from.
  2. Contact, depending on the options selected for the form, in the order you choose:
    • collect address (or just post code)
    • postal preferences
    • subscriptions to selected lists
    • choose to join a discussion forum (Cyclescape is the only one currently supported by Cameo)
    • a box for anything else they want to tell you
  3. Payment, likewise depending on chosen options,
    • collect a gift aid declaration
    • ask for an optional additional donation
    • select payment method (from those selected in form management and appropriate for the number of individuals)
  4. Payment processing according to the payment processor and may take them to the payment processors site
  5. Acknowledgement, again according to payment processor.


This is for self-service renewal of non-recurring memberships. It can also be used to process recurring memberships where the rate needs to change.

The form is typically triggered with a personalised link provided to the member in a renewal reminder message. This supplies the qrcode of the membership to the form. But if this is not given there is the opportunity to enter the code manually, or if not available to then provide name and email for identification in the renewals section.

You can choose to renew their current membership type, or offer either all appropriate other membership types or only the same and upgrade (more expensive) options.

You can also choose to request an optional donation, and a gift aid declaration if they have not made one already.

Payment then proceeds like the join form.