A side effect of producing lanyard badges containing vCard QRCodes (to support conference or trade-show type events in Cameo’s events management) is to make them generally available.

A vCard is a widely-recognised way of transferring contact information for someone. This is done:

  • in a standard file interchange format, or
  • as a QRCode for scanning onto another device.

There are now two links at the bottom of membership records offering both of these. The QRCode link pops up the vCard QRCode. This means in iOS 12, for example, you can call someone whose phone number is in Cameo, or send them an email on your phone in just a couple of taps, as the camera recognises such barcodes without having to do anything special.

On iOS, point the camera at the QR Code, tap the pop up that says it has seen the code, and you get a contact card from where you can phone, email etc – you don’t have to actually save as a contact.

Bear in mind that data protection law may require permission to be obtained for permanent storage of such details exported from Cameo. The law does not allow you to export someone’s details (whether by convenient vCard or manually transcribing them) for personal use, as this would not have been among the reasons for which they gave permission for their details to be processed.