You can now choose to offer tickets only by email when you make an event.



Ticket choices for events previously always offered a collection option.

Email only

Now, there is an additional option for an event’s ticket preferences, to offer tickets by email only. This applies whether you make the event using One-Off Event (Fig 1) or manually (Fig 2).

Naturally, if you choose this option, it is not possible to book the event unless the customer provides an email address. Consider whether this may prevent some people booking tickets, especially if you normally offer booking in person. Even though purchasers may have an email address, they may not be able to show tickets on the door if they do not have a smart-phone or cannot print the tickets in advance.

Choosing this option has two side effects:

  • The booking form for the event does not then offer an option for ticket preference (how would you like to receive your tickets).
  • It is not possible to make manual, anonymous bookings (in events & bookings → reservations, bookings and attendance).
Fig 1: ticket handling by email only in One-Off Event
Fig 2: E-tickets only option for ticket preference in event definition