Further integration with GoCardless for direct debit management

More information is now available within Cameo when using GoCardless as direct debits service provider: • Membership records have a new field “Direct Debit amount” which records the amount of the regular payment by Direct Debit. • GoCardless’ Customer Identifier is automatically stored in the membership Bank Reference field. • A new section “direct debit information” on the Membership Info menu retrieves GoCardless records for the selected membership, which presents much the same information as GoCardless’ dashboard, along with two buttons:
• “update amount”, which replaces the membership record’s direct debit amount field with that held by GoCardless, and •
“update GC email”, which updates GoCardless record of the customer’s email address.
• A new substitution {show: direct debit amount} includes the value in the direct debit amount field during template merging. Read More…