A new button for templates lets you send a test email to an address other than your own.

You could use this in conjunction with the spam checking service at www.mail-tester.com to check your email for potential spam triggers.


Previously you have only been able to send tests in communications → templates to yourself.

Email test elsewhere

Now, a new button email test elsewhere (Fig 1) next to email test to me pops up a box to ask for an email address to send to the test to (Fig 2).

Fig 1: email test elsewhere button
Fig 2: identify the recipient of the test email

Spam testing

You can send your test email to the spam mail tester at www.mail-tester.com. It will evaluate your email against spam filters and give you a score and a breakdown of the results. While not infallible (there are many different spam scoring systems out there), it offers a way to spot egregious problems in your email in advance that might otherwise not get through or reduce your sender reputation.

They check both the content of your email and the infrastructure used to send it. The latter may use some unfamiliar terminology like “spf” and “dkim”, but don’t worry – unless it reports a problem with those.

Use it like this:

  • Obtain a unique email address from www.mail-tester.com (Fig 3: 1). A copy button next to the address they generate makes this easy.
  • Paste that address in the email test elsewhere box (Fig 2)
  • Wait a short while for the mail to arrive there
  • Press their Then check your score button (Fig 3: 2) to see the report on your email.

Fig 3: using mail-tester.com.