Reminder messages are now produced separately when forms are used for

  • new members (join),
  • new contacts,
  • renewals, or
  • amendments (updates).

Cameo imports the data from these forms some time after they are used (typically once an hour), which is when any messages are produced.

Previously, all the changes imported at one go were batched together and reported as a single reminder message, tagged #ImportedUpdates. Now the four kinds of import create their own messages, still batched together if there is more than one of a kind (though it is fairly unusual to have more than one of each). These are still tagged #ImportedUpdates, but also tagged respectively as follows:

  • #ImportedNewMembers (note: not #ImportedMembers)
  • #ImportedNewContacts
  • #ImportedRenewals
  • #ImportedAmendments

This means you can subscribe separately in your profile to be emailed reminder messages about these different kinds of activity. For example, if you are only interested in new members arriving, you can subscribe only to #ImportedNewMembers.

As well as Cameo’s built-in forms, this separation also applies when they are created via custom forms or whatever, using the API to add the updates.