Admin users (only) will see a mew menu, Admin. This includes:

  • three administrative tasks previously in Profile that were not related to individual Cameo users (Cameo users, API keys and Signup PINs) and
  • two previously hidden items: Backups and All points bulletin.
Fig 1


The new Backups section lists the current combination of full, accumulative and incremental backups made. Where you receive encrypted copies of backups, this lets you identify which files are which.

Backups operate on a six week daily cycle:

  • A full backup is taken every six weeks
  • A full backup is followed by a weekly accumulative backup over the following five weeks. An accumulative backup contains all the changes since the last full backup.
  • Then a daily incremental backup follows on each of the six days since the last full or accumulative. These contain changes over the previous day. Therefore a complete backup comprises the full backup, the most recent accumulative backup (if any) and up to six incremental backups.

Accumulative and incremental backups are much, much smaller and quicker to produce than full backups.

The reset button starts the next backup cycle early, scheduling a full backup next. Normally you shouldn’t need to use this. We might choose to do so after importing a large number of new memberships, for example, or occasionally after a major software change that might make it harder to restore a previous backup set.

All points bulletin

You will probably have seen this in action: messages pop up after a user’s next login or major interaction with Cameo. This section now lets administrators add these.

This is not a substitute for notifications. It is intended to alert people to issues with Cameo itself.

You can:

  • send to all, or only some, users;
  • delay sending bulletins;
  • set a date to cancel a bulletin if it has not been seen. For example, there is no point in telling someone about service down-time after it has happened, if they did not log in at all beforehand.