When you tap on a menu entry on medium-sized windows (between 768 and 1024 pixels wide), the main menu now disappears off the left of the window (Fig 1). Tap on the current menu entry to bring it back again. This provides around 40% more usable width when width is at a premium.

Additionally at these widths, when no menu entry is open the menu is displayed 3-across (Fig 2). This means you can see the whole menu at once rather than scrolling vertically, again making better use of available space.

Larger and smaller window sizes are unchanged: between 1025 and 1200 pixels the menu is a constantly-present one button width down the left, and above 1200 pixels is in two columns. At 767 pixels and fewer, the menu is only displayed at all when you tap the Menu button, as before.

Fig 1: menu entry open
Fig 2: Main menu