You can now delete a bank transaction (Fig 1: 1) or a whole bank statement (Fig 1: 2) in accounting info → statements and transactions.

This should be a rare thing to do, so rare, in fact, that it has only just become an issue. The cases when you might need it include:

  • A manual statement import didn’t do what you expected. You only realise beyond the point where you can easily undo the import.
  • You manually added a transaction that was incorrect (say you added credit instead of debit). Likewise, it is too late to undo.
  • The bank garbles the reference, so an interim transaction does not match as intended. You end up with a duplicate transaction and need to delete the interim one.

You can only delete a statement when a single statement displayed. If you delete by mistake, you can undo as usual. Cameo warns you beforehand if:

  • already finalised accounts include a transaction to be deleted (which can upset already published accounts)
  • you aren’t actually seeing all the transactions for a statement (because of your filters)
  • the statement has attachments (attachments are deleted)
  • any of the transactions are already attributed or marked as reconciled (attributions are deleted)
Fig 1: (1) delete a transaction, (2) delete a complete statement