Cameo now includes a trading → inventory and stock section where you define merchandise or services for sale.

This dove-tails with invoices and quotations and book-keeping, released at the same time.

You can:

  • include stock items in invoices and quotations, which saves retyping the same details repeatedly
  • include a thumbnail picture as an aide-memoire to the customer
  • offer them for sale in the forthcoming shopping form.
Fig 1: stock items

Managing stock items

As with other similar sections,

  • Cameo summarises stock items in a table.
  • Click a summary line to expand it to show detail about the item.
  • Click the new stock item button at the top right to add a new one (Fig 1: 1).

Provide the information requested in the detail panel. A short stock code is useful for summarising the items.

The number of items available (Fig 1: 2) is used for stock control in the forthcoming shopping form, so it can adjust the count and know when you have run out.

Income a/c (Fig 1: 3) provides a book-keeping account where Cameo attributes the income from the sale, automatically when either:

Add one or more pictures of the item, if you like (Fig 1: 4).

Provide a rich text description of the item (Fig 1: 5), again for presentation in the shopping form and on trading documents.