Cameo uniquely identifies each email sent. Anywhere that an email offers a personalised response uses this identifier. For example, in email bounces and with forms, when clicking links to opt-out, renew membership or book tickets.

The identifier locates Cameo’s copy of the email. From that it can identify the membership record used to generate it. Until now, though, each record sends only one email for all its individuals. Therefore, the opt-out form and the like could only work for whole memberships, not individuals.

Now, Cameo sends separate emails for each individual in a household membership. This means that each individual gets their own identifier.

This is a substantial change internally, but you should not really notice any difference. Only the master copy is stored in past emails and the Cameo out box. To avoid multiplying the number of responses, though, only the first email for a household includes any CCs. This means that when you receive your copy, it will only include the first individual’s address as the recipient. You need to be aware of this if you reply to the copied email outside of Cameo.