WordPress “remember me”

The combination of a new Cameo form type and a new plugin for WordPress offers a way for your public website to:

• allow current members to identify themselves to your WordPress website from the Cameo database

• remember them

• designate and limit access to member-only pages

• auto-fill some details in Cameo forms from their Cameo membership record Read More…

Supplying credentials for image selection

Some WordPress (and other) sites disable their public API. Cameo uses that to display a set of images to choose from when inserting an image using the template editor. WordPress can still provide access to its image list using an “application password”.
Cameo now provides a box to enter this password so protected sites can still offer their images to Cameo. Read More…

News builder event blocks

Cameo’s news builder now offers ready-made blocks in your publicity mailshots for multiple event summaries and single event listings. Single event listings include the event’s full description in your template. Multiple event summaries include a grid of event information (1, 2 or 3 across) including event venue and timing, thumbnail, short summary and booking and more information links. Read More…