Updated map searches

– See and edit maps full window.
– Restrict map search results also to selected membership delivery types
– import political areas into map search.

A non-upward-compatible change to the underlying Elasticsearch database has meant that much of the code for mapping in Cameo has had to be changed, so while visible changes are minor, there is quite a lot of change underneath.
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JavaScript error handling

Cameo now has a long-overdue general purpose error handler. This is designed to catch bugs in the 75% of the Cameo code that runs in the browser, and let me know about them, rather than just stopping dead which is the normal behaviour in the face of a coding error. Ideally you’ll never see it, but it is already detecting long-standing bugs that weren’t immediately obvious before. Read More…

Payment form

Cameo’s payment form is now ready. Like all forms, you can set many options for the form’s appearance and wording embed it in public web pages. It interacts with payment methods defined in Organisation Settings, and with third-party payment providers. On its own the payment form can support settling invoices, taking arbitrary donations or paying for merchandise, for example. But the same code will also be incorporated in membership and renewal forms (of which taking payment is the most challenging part), coming soon. Read More…