Pasting into templates from Word should no longer need you to do anything different.


People often provide content for newsletters etc in Microsoft Word documents. Unfortunately Word takes far too much formatting with it when you paste content copied from it into Cameo templates (or indeed pretty much any web page editor).

The template editor (tinymce) has a Paste as text button which helps. However,

  • you have to remember to turn it on
  • it removes all formatting, not just Word’s over-enthusiasm
  • it doesn’t work as an alternative paste button as you might expect: instead it changes the behaviour of pastes you do while you have it turned on.

New paste from Word

Now, when you paste from Word (and when you don’t have Paste as text turned on), Cameo attempts to simplify the format Word provides. You can just paste from Word without having to think about it specially.

Cameo should retain bold, italics, paragraphs and bulleted lists, but remove everything else.

At the moment, you should consider this experimental. If you get too much or too little formatting when pasting from Word, please let us know.