A recent update to Cyclescape, the discussion forum for cycle advocacy groups, has introduced an API that allows Cameo to talk directly to it. This means that from today, when you press the Cyclescape subscription button, Cameo now automatically creates an account and invites them to Cyclescape, instead of having to do this manually. (Correspondence is still generated within Cameo if a template servicing this is set up).

Cyclescape subscription link, visible when the member ticks the corresponding box on a membership form

If there is more than one email address that might be subscribed (and therefore more than one Cyclescape account created), Cameo asks you which you want to subscribe:

In addition, where someone asks to be added to Cyclescape but hadn’t ticked the box, you can also subscribe them in Member Tasks > 
Membership status, cards and qrcodes
. This includes contacts and current members as well as new ones:

If someone already has an email address in Cyclescape, you will get an error message – the Cyclescape API doesn’t handle this case terribly gracefully. In particular, you’d have to send any repeat invitation through Cyclescape itself.

The Cyclescape credentials to enable automatic subscriptions are entered in the Organisation Settings section. Cameo’s help shows how to get these from Cyclescape’s API page.