Cameo has a few miscellaneous improvements to its user interface:

  • Instead of using browser-provided tooltips (the little explanatory boxes that pop up when you hover over something), Cameo now does its own (Fig 1). Find tool tips, for example:
    • on icons that may need a little more explanation for what they do, or
    • to show the equivalent keyboard shortcut.

      This means:
    • they pop up faster – there is quite a delay before popping up native ones, which means you are less likely to see them,
    • the new ones don’t disappear before you have a chance to read them completely either.

  • When uploading files, Cameo can now customise the caption shown on the drop target. For example, it can list what allowed file types. I’ve already changed a few of these, and there will be more to follow.

  • If you CTRL+CLICK on a menu button (the main buttons down the left), a section heading, or just a shortcut link to another section, it will now open in a new tab. This mimics the behaviour of ordinary links.

Fig 1: new style tooltip