Because events are coming to Cameo soon, in the sense of things you can book tickets for, the use of the phrase services event in templates – meaning to prepare a message from the template as a side-effect of something happening in Cameo, such as enrolling a new member – is likely to be a confusing clash of terminology. Therefore this has been re-named services task. We’ll only use event to mean things like concerts and coach trips from now on. Everything works exactly as before, it’s just the wording that has changed (in many places).

The target audience for something that happens
as a side-effect is now called services task.

This was quite a widespread change, so if you find something not working, especially to do with sending mail or automatic creation of templates for tasks, please shout.

The API sendtemplate had a post parameter called event, meaning to select the template which services that form event. This has also been renamed task. However, event here still works as a synonym for this, so that API clients which have not been updated will continue to work (indefinitely).