The column headings in the search results list are now click-able. When you click one it sorts the currently visible list according to criteria based on that heading. Click again to sort in the reverse order.

  • No.: sorts by membership number.
  • Called: loosely speaking, by name; however that’s a little complicated because of the numerous variations and multiple individuals per membership, and occasionally only one of first name and last name being used. What it actually does is concatenate last name and first name of the first individual and sort on that (so Madonna sorts between James Madison and Jennifer Madsen whether the name is in first name or last name). However, where neither is given (or one is “FAO”, used as a placeholder for contact bodies), then is uses the contact body name to sort under.
  • Address: sorts by postcode only.
  • Expiry date: sorts in date order (not useful for contacts: they are put at the end)
  • Code: by alphabetical order of the code (hard to see when this would be useful, but included for completeness).
Click called to sort by name, produces…
and click again for reverse order…
Note for 2585, for example, it is sorting by Wilson, not Robinson

Sorting is done in the browser, not the database, so when you get a sample of results, you are only sorting those you see, not all the potential results you could retrieve with All Matches for example.

Note that some operations (like resolving duplicates, for example) are ordered already in a way that is pertinent to the operation, and sorting these is unlikely to be helpful.