People who use the opt-out form (in response to a link at the bottom of emails to stop receiving them) often actually want to terminate their membership. Therefore the form can now offer that option (Fig 1: 2, Fig 2: 1, shown for current members only).

Membership cancellation:

  • changes current to old (expired) membership,
  • posts a reminder message to let you know it has happened, and
  • can optionally send a confirmation email.

Also, you can now offer the visitor the option to exercise their GDPR right to delete all data held about them (Fig 1: 3, Fig 2: 2), either for everyone or contacts only (who have no other means of removing themselves: expired members will eventually be expunged).

There is nearly always some manual deletion required outside of Cameo, so this is entirely manual. Selecting this just posts a reminder message as a request.

Fig 1: click the form options button for the opt out form (1) to show the two new option groups, cancel membership (2) and two varieties of “delete all my data”
Fig 2: results in buttons for each, with optional text above and below, caption, and button labels, all of which can be changed.