There are several new template substitutions available:

  • {if: mailing list name ...} includes what follows only if the template’s audience is a list whose name is included in the substitution (which you choose from a menu when inserting the substitution).
  • {if: not mailing list name ...} the opposite of the above
  • {if: status new} includes what follows if the member (not contact) is new, i.e. not yet enrolled (yellow records)
  • {if: status current} ditto, is current (grey records)
  • {if: status old} ditto, is old (expired or cancelled: pink records)

{if: [not] mailing list name ...} differs from the existing {if: [not] subscribed ...} by testing the actual template audience list, not just whether the merged record has a subscription to the specified list (which may not be the one actually being used).

{if: status ...} substitutions allow finer grain control than just the existing {if: member} and {if: contact}.