A new, simple form type called request is available. This is like a typical website contact message form. However, like a number of other Cameo forms, it can be used with a personalised URL (which supplies the qrcode of a membership), so the request they make can be automatically linked to that record.

The form need not contain a box for message text at all. For example, if the URL is specifically intended for ordering a replacement membership card, all that is needed is to know who they are, and that is supplied (indirectly) by the URL. So all they need do is click the button to confirm the request.

At the other extreme, the message text box can also be mandatory, so they have to put something other than white space in it.

If the form is requested without a valid qrcode, then a further two boxes are displayed to collect the visitor’s name and email address. If the email address matches a membership record, then it will also be linked to that.

Once the form is submitted, their message is delivered as a Cameo library message. Optionally, you can also automatically send a confirming email to the requester through a template in the usual way (which you can, of course, also CC if you wish).

Some examples

An example when we can identify the sender using a personalised URL
We ask who they are if we don’t know.

… but it doesn’t need a message box at all in some cases