When reconciling a transaction in accounting tasks → reconciliation, you can now choose a longer time between payment and receipt for Cameo to consider it an inter-account transfer.


It has come to our attention that transfers between bank accounts can take longer than the 5 days previously allowed. This especially applies where the sender has an incentive to delay payment as long as they can!

That means Cameo wasn’t always able to identify matching transactions as inter-account transfers.

Set match window

Reconciliation now includes a control which lets you extend the match window up to 90 days (Fig 1). When you do this, Cameo re-calculates possible matches taking the longer period into account. That then provides a button to attribute for you to attribute the transfer that outside the default 5 days. Eligible transactions must still have equal and opposite amounts in different accounts.

The match window is also used to compare interim transactions against the corresponding transaction from the bank.

Fig 1: extending the transfer window allows an inter-account transfer to be matched outside the default 5 days