If you need some text in a template conditionally on something you can create in Cameo, such as contact type, for example, as in:

{if: contact type Representative} say something

you select it from the substitutions menu. However, the menu became so long these kinds of substitution were previously put in sub-menus (illustrated below). This was really too much for a new conditional (added by popular request):

{if: subscribed Weekly} say something

This only displays what follows if the record in question has a subscription to the named list.

So instead of a three level menu, you now choose the substitution like any other, but it then pops up a box for you to choose the parameter.

so it’s now handled a little differently, and I’m calling these parameterised substitutions in that they include a parameter, the name of a list, or a contact type or whatever. This will make it easier to introduce similar things in the future.