Cameo now formats reminder messages using HTML (formatted/rich text). When you add a reminder message manually, you now use tinymce, the same rich text editor used elsewhere in Cameo. Messages display with formatting. Emailed copies of messages you subscribe to include the formatting too.

Fig 1: add reminder messages using formatted text

Internal messages

Cameo sends numerous reminder messages itself. All of these now also send as HTML, taking advantage of the new layout possibilities. Notably:


Older messages have been converted to simple HTML so that they will display much as before. Richer formatting only applies to new messages.

The contactus form will be further improved in future. Currently, it just displays what it used to without any significant formatting.

Note that all emails sent by Cameo include a plain-text version of the email as well. If you aren’t using a HTML-capable email client, you’ll see that plain text instead. However, this is different from before, where only the plain text was sent for reminder messages. Now, the HTML is automatically converted to a sensible plain text equivalent when the email is sent.