A small addition in Enrol New Members (in New Members) offers a second, optional, letter-only template to service enrolment.

The original event servicing enrolment is called new member, while the new one is new member covering. While there must always be a template to service new member for enrolment to succeed, new member covering is only used if it has been set up. The information at the top of the Enrol section shows you whether this is the case (Fig. 2).

The motivation for this addition is to support enrolment workflows which require both email and postal correspondence. For example, this allows separate generation of a covering letter for a physical new membership pack, independently of a membership card (which could be sent by email with a letter fallback, or always by letter, whichever is appropriate).

There is no link to generate a proforma new member covering letter as there is for email templates, as this is most likely to be based on some existing letterhead template. A typical way of making this (Fig. 1) would be to

  1. copy a letterhead template,
  2. give it a suitable name,
  3. change the audience to servicing event,
  4. choose new member covering as the event to service, and
  5. add the required content.
Fig 1: servicing the new member covering event
Fig 2: Showing that new member covering will generate a letter on enrolment