When someone arrives at an updates or renew form using a personalised link (or, for the renewal form, securely identifies themselves with their qrcode), you can now opt to display a customizable paragraph which includes some of their membership details. This provides reassurance that we know who they are.


Renew form

In the details step of the renew form (in forms manage forms), turn on the confirm identity option (). You’ll probably also want to move that option to the top of the form: drag the handle either in the option selection or the form itself.

Edit the text with the pencil () in the usual way, substituting membership details as you prefer.

Fig 1: renew form with confirm identity paragraph

Updates form

Choose to confirm identity in the changes step of the updates form.

Because the layout of this step of the updates form is a little less flexible than the renew form, control this with a setting () Show paragraph saying who we think they are (rather than with a re-positionable option). The additional paragraph always appears immediately below the header. Edit the text as usual ().

Fig 2: updates form with confirm identity paragraph