Several changes in Cameo’s New Members area addresses a few usability issues that have arisen recently:

  • Combining edit and contact privileges has allowed me to also combine
    Add Member and Add Contact into a single Add Membership section
  • Welcome Contacts now works on the visible list of memberships, not all of those which have the not yet welcomed indicator set. (The previous behaviour was not what people expected to happen).
  • Welcome Contacts now also has a subsection listing those recently welcomed, in the batches in which they were done.
  • A new section, Recently Added, lists new memberships added to Cameo, via external forms, Cameo forms, the bulk import section or Add Membership, in the batches in which they were done.

Add membership

Only a minor change here. Instead of two separate sections, there is now a selector at the top of the form in Add Membership which controls what you are adding. This defaults to the same as the selected membership (along with some of the other content). The added membership is selected afterwards, so if you are adding several, common properties will therefore carry over from one to the next by default.

For a new member, with membership type Bugetx2 selected
For a contact, illustrating how fields are similar to a selected membership

Welcome Contacts

When added, contacts have a marker to say they have not yet received a welcome message. This is shown as a starburst in the top right corner of the record:

Previously, on entry to the Welcome Contacts section, all those with this marker turned on were displayed, and you could then press the Prepare Messages button to send them an email and clear that marker.

However, if you changed the list of records, Prepare Messages still worked on all of those marked as not having received them, despite what was displayed. This was confusing, so has now been changed so that you only get messages to those you see (that have not already been welcomed).

Also in Welcome Contacts, there is now a list of the batches of those welcomed previously shown in a new sub-section:

Recently Added

Finally, Recently Added is a new section (shown below) which just lists those memberships added, starting with the most recent. Additions can happen from:

  • a third-party form
  • a Cameo-generated form
  • a manual bulk import (the Import Members section)
  • the Add Membership section