Everywhere you can click a membership number to display the whole record, you can now also use CTRL+click (PC) or CMD+click (i.e. using the clover or Apple key – on a Mac) to append it to the selected records instead. Alternatively, it is removed when already present. This is a common gesture for selecting multiple items in many applications.

Additionally, where there is a set of clickable membership numbers, you can click (or CTRL/CMD+click) on one, then SHIFT+click on another to add that one and all those in between to the selected records (that are not already present). Again, this is a common gesture across apps.

For example, in events & bookings → reservations, bookings & attendance, the last column of the table of bookings for selected events includes the membership numbers of the customers. You can click on one then SHIFT+click one in a later (or earlier) row to select that and all those between. Similarly, in new members → recently added, you can display any combination of those in the table with a combination of click, CTRL/CMD+click and SHIFT+click on the membership number links.

Note that CTRL/CMD+click on a link which includes more than one membership number only appends (all of the records). For example, an “all” link at the end of individually clickable numbers. It doesn’t try to do a mixture by removing those present and adding those which are not. SHIFT+click also never removes records.