Three small additions in the search more – map search section:

  1. maps can now be displayed and boundaries edited in full window – use the full screen button in the top left of the map
  2. you can now restrict map search results also to selected membership delivery types
  3. you can import political areas into map search (in those installations which offer political areas)

Also, the latest version of the underlying database, Elasticsearch, has removed the ability to include circles in geographic searches. Circles are used in map searching to find people within radius of a point, and distance from a line (circles form the corners and ends of the “extruded” line). This has meant rewriting quite a lot of the code around maps, so while the visible changes are small, there is quite a lot of change underneath.

1. Full window toggle button
2. Restrict results to those with selected delivery methods
3. Import political area boundaries into map search

Restricting by delivery type

This is most useful when searching membership round areas (which can be opened in the map search section) to find people with paper delivery who aren’t assigned to a round, and the like.

Political areas

Being able to open political area boundaries in map search is not the best way to search for people in those areas: the many boundary points make it slow to show an editable area of the kind used for map searches.

The political search section does this much more efficiently by comparing pre-computed and stored area identifiers rather than doing a geographical search.

However, it does offer the opportunity to convert political areas into named geographic areas (and therefore also to delivery rounds).