The template editor no longer carries over the text style (such as its colour or boldness) into the new paragraph when you press ENTER. This also applies to other places where you use the editor, such as for form captions.



When you press ENTER TinyMCE’s default behaviour is to carry over any text styling from the end of the paragraph you are working on into the new paragraph that gets added. For example:

  • bold
  • italic
  • explicitly set text size
  • text colour
  • background colour
  • text alignment
  • and so on.

This is rarely helpful, and you often end up having to change it back in the new paragraph.

That causes a problem. In some cases, the new text then has an explicit setting for the style rather than being the default.

For example, the default text colour is usually black. If you change the text colour and press ENTER, that carries over the colour. You might then change it to black. That means that the text is explicitly black, not just the default black. Each paragraph you add afterwards also has the explicit style because that then also carries over.

That looks the same, but it isn’t. If the recipient works in dark mode, the default text colour is then actually white, against a default black background. That means the explicitly black text is not readable against the default black background.

New behaviour

The TinyMCE editor has an option to not carry over styles like this, and Cameo now has this turned on. Styles no longer carry over.

In practice, you’ll probably not notice the change. If you do want several paragraphs to have the same style (e.g. all italics), you can do this instead:

  • select all of the relevant text after entering it, and
  • press the I button or CTRL/CMD+I to apply italics to it all at once
Fig 1: before and after