See emails actually sent all in one place, in reverse chronological order.

The new out box section

There is a new section in Library called Out box. This shows emails actually sent (or in test versions, simulated as sent). That is, the emails in this view have actually gone to the mail provider for delivery. Of course, there can always be a slip ‘twixt cup and lip, so we can’t guarantee the recipient actually receives it, or if they do that it hasn’t been sent to spam, or if not that they actually opened it, or if they did read it… But it’s one step on the way.

This also includes emails which aren’t linked to a particular membership, such as some of those generated by forms, which there was no means of seeing before, even though they are stored.

In test versions, it is also useful for getting hold of validation links and the like which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, and checking the mail that would have been sent looks like you want it to.

This section doesn’t include system emails (things like Cameo password resets and reminder messages).