You can now link from one part of an email to another. Use the {jump: ...} substitution in a template to do this.


In web pages, like this one, you can make links which refer to a particular place within a page, not just the top. When used on the page you’re looking at, you can use these to jump around within the page.

In principle, you can do the same in HTML email produced with Cameo’s template editor in communications → templates & mailshots. Be aware that not all email readers support this, though the main ones do.

You might use this, for example, in a table of contents at the top of an email. This article has a table of contents which works in the same way. You’ll notice that when you click one of the entries in the table of contents, the URL in the browser address bar changes to reflect the part of the page you jumped to.

Jump from and to

There are two parts to this:

  • the place where you want to jump to
  • the link to click where you want to jump from.

label where to jump to

To mark a place to jump to, use the substitution {jump: …}, selected from the list of substitutions in the usual way. Choose a label to replace the dots from the menu provided (you can have up to forty different targets).

In your template, the finished substitution looks something like this: {jump: here3}. The merged result is invisible in the email, but marks the position.

link to jump from

To mark the place the jump from, make a link as usual:

  • select the link text
  • click the link button, and
  • enter a URL.

However, in this case, the URL should just be the hash symbol followed by the label to jump to. So in the example above, the URL would be #here3.

(In a URL, the bit after the hash is formally called a fragment, but most people just call it the hash part. Used on its own, it means relative to the page you’re on, as if the rest of the page’s URL preceded the hash).

If you have more than one such link on a page, ensure the same label is not used more than once (though you can link to the same label as often as you like).