In communications → templates:

  • There’s a new column for last change by in addition to the last change on column that’s been there for a while
  • Also a filter on last change by
  • There’s only one pin now instead of three
  • Cameo no longer copies other people’s pins when you copy a template
Fig 1: new controls for template lists


Previously you could see who last changed a template by hovering over the last changed date.

  • This wasn’t obvious,
  • you couldn’t do anything with the information, and
  • when Cameo sent email, it recorded itself as the last to make a change.

Pins keep templates you are working on near the top of the list. They predate the last changed date. That, and now last changed by, make pins much less useful or needed.

Pins apply to each user individually. However, copying a template inadvertently copied everyone’s pins (because we store pins in the template). This is now fixed.

Last changed by

The new column for last changed by (Fig 1: 1) makes it much more obvious who last changed a template. Furthermore, this no longer includes the change for last sent date by Cameo itself: we now only include manual editing.

(To make this change possible, where last changed by was Cameo, we set the actual editor from whoever prepared the email; if those emails have been purged, that is not available. Therefore for some older templates, we set last changed by to ‘?’).

You can filter to show only templates last changed by one or more people using the filter menu at the top of the column, like other filters (Fig 1: 2). Perhaps most useful is the “me” shortcut (Fig 1: 4), which selects templates you last changed, which is the same as opening the menu and ticking your name.


The extra column for last changed by makes the table rather cramped. Because pins are less useful than they were originally, condensing these into a single pin saves space and simplifies them (Fig 1: 3). A template is either pinned or not. If you had any pins previously, the template remains pinned now, otherwise not.

Because copying a template inadvertently copied everyone’s pins, you may have pins you did not intend, derived from earlier copies. You may want to turn off some or all pins. We have now corrected this behaviour.