If you recruit members through a member group (e.g. employees of a company), the membership type(s) for these can be marked as such. This then lets you:

  • relate the group member to the group of which they are part, by setting the membership number of the group within the member record
  • locate all the members who are in that particular group (according to that field). This is done using the existing cross-reference search in Search More – Miscellaneous Queries (which previously only applied to cross-referenced custom fields).
Fig 1: When membership type “Group Associate” (for example) is marked as “member of a group” in its definition, as Fig 3, then you are offered the “From group” field to indicate which member group they are from. As with other cross-reference fields, you can set this from a saved search and jump to it using the links alongside.
Fig 2: Conversely, you can find all the group members of a group from Miscellaneous Queries
Fig 3: Tick “member of a group” in the membership type definition to enable this. (The member group should be ticked “for a group, organisation, etc.” as before).