6 Dec 2017

  • misc. search for ‘payment by invoice’ turned on.
  • include built-in fields in yes/no list provider (in particular ‘payment by invoice’).

4 Dec 2017

  • markers in map search now shown in colours related to membership and contact type.
  • map search now includes facilities for import and export of areas.

2 Dec 2017

  • page layout for letter (paper) templates is now moved to a new stationery section, where the boxes that make up the pages can be arranged using a graphical editor, rather than by typing in numbers.
  • box backgrounds in stationery (formerly template layout) can now optionally be transparent.
  • box backgrounds can now contain images, rather than requiring only a complete background for the whole page.
  • SVG is a permitted format for template images
  • search memberships by local authority in general search (same as ticking all wards/divisions in one authority previously)
  • allow general searches to exclude some contact types (nominated in the contact type definition)

28 Nov 2017

  • templates (and editing merged emails) now save automatically as you edit, so there is no longer a manual Save button and auto-save is no longer needed.

22 Nov 2017

  • new bulk changes section to allow similar changes to be made to multiple records at once.
  • member tasks and info divided into separate menus.
  • add ‘by invoice’ to the expected payment method (an installation option) so that reconciliation attributions and cheque deposits can record this, and not publish as a transaction to the accounting system which would already have issued an invoice.
  • publication of accounts now warns about unreconciled transactions for the peiod in question.
  • add an option to check all bank accounts for potential reconciliation attributions.
  • export representatives now includes various area identifiers.

18 Nov 2017

  • added cumulative statistics, collected automatically each month and available for download in a spreadsheet that builds up over time.
  • Added ability to rename various attachments (file store, membership attachments, statement atachments, deposit evidence).

10 Nov 2017

  • Notes are now separated into multiple (signed and dated) fields.

8 Nov 2017

  • There’s now a box to tick in the template editor to check whether the subject line is different from any emails already sent, so if you forget to change it, you’ll be reminded.

4 Nov 2017

  • Checks templates as you type for problem links and inadvertent pasted font references; there’s also a button to do this manually

25 Oct 2017

  • Add the ability to attribute statement transactions on import (see bank accounts help for details)

20 Oct 2017

  • Small reorganisation to profile, to make help, two-step verification and scanner keys more prominent
  • Add choice of paper sizes to letter templates

16 Oct 2017

  • Image selector in template editor made administrator-configurable
  • Some internal re-organisation to make Cameo even more secure

8 Sep 2017

  • Improvements to reminder messages:
    • messages forwarded to Cameo now attempt to attribute themselves automatically to the correct membership;
    • you can now reply to an attributed message;
    • messages are now retained, just marked done, rather than deleted (you can still delete a message in the attributed member’s history);
    • long messages are truncated initially

2 Sep 2017

  • Add ability to reattribute membership associated with reminder message

30 Aug 2017

  • Email attachments, file store files, deposit evidence, reminder messages and gift aid declarations directly in to Cameo
  • File store now remembers the sort order of presenting files

8 Aug 2017

  • bank statements: reorder statement lines, search statment lines, and remember selected statement in the URL

4 Aug 2017

  • password requirements modernised (more information)
  • auto-save in template editor improved

31 July 2017

  • Source field now available for all memberships, not just contacts
  • New AKA field allows records to be linked by membership number to indicate they represent the same person who is in the database for more than one reason or purpose
  • New Manage Duplicates section for detecting and resolving possible duplicate records
  • Contact types moves to a section in its own right in Organisation Settings, rather than being lumped in with Membership Types

14 July 2017

  • version 5
  • user-modifiable payment methods
  • custom fields
  • general date searches
  • cross references between records
  • regular automated messages to any group of memberships
  • membership types can include different first time payment amount
  • automatic import of transactions from GoCardless and PayPal accounts
  • reschedule reminder messages
  • various improvements to lists:
    • the ability to change the details for an existing list
    • more accurately showing who is opted out from an automatic list
    • control the order of subscribers produced by the list
    • manually ordering lists on menus where they appear, and
    • a public marker for manual lists with a corresponding API to enable self-service subscription

15 June 2017

  • include a running total in adding cheques and making deposits

28 April 2017

  • membership change history: all changes to membership records are noted, and you can review these member info
  • step through your saved search results one at a time (next/previous under results summary)
  • bulletin system for Cameo announcements

17 April 2017

  • detect duplicate contacts: in the welcome contacts section, it now tells you if any of the new contacts look similar (email or name and postcode) to any other contact or member, to catch cases where the same people sign up on multiple occasions

11 April 2017

  • configurable contact types (colours, renaming etc) – membership types section
  • send one-off message button in canned messages

5 April 2017

  • added reconciliation for subscriptions and donations not eligible for gift aid
  • break down cheques by attribution in deposits panel (e.g. list subscription and donation amounts separately)

28 March 2017

  • version 4
  • streamlined mailshots (send and test emails directly from templates if you want)
  • preview emails and letters, with optional obfuscation of member details
  • a media library image chooser for the template message editor
  • “snippets”, a way of adding ready-made bits of HTML (like buttons and email layout elements) to templates
  • support for self-service updates of email, phone, postal addrsss and making a gift aid declaration
  • simplify bank statement transactions: not restricted to whole months, get transactions by any dates, and export
  • profile and help is now a full section in its own right; correspondence renamed communications
  • send Cameo users an invitation/password reset email from users panel
  • split up and keep user-interface code in browser cache for better performance and maintainability
  • opt-in and opt-out lists renamed as manual and automatic lists respectively
  • improved searching of individuals’ names
  • wildcard searches
  • more flexible handling of which templates do what when correspondence is generated as a side-effect of something else, like enrolling a new member
  • manually import memberships and contacts
  • manually add new memberships
  • welcome messages for contacts
  • convert memberships to contacts (you could already do the opposite)
  • improved error checking for imported memberships
  • scan attachments (for members, bank statement scans, cheques, template images and file store) straight into Cameo from a smartphone
  • statistics for memberships by type counted as individuals
  • searches for memberships with donations

18 November 2016:

  • improved workflow for adding new contacts
  • automatic detection of which delivery round someone is in
  • conversion of contacts into new member
  • allow no further warnings when membership record has problems

11 October 2016:

  • more comprehensive payment attribution including split transactions and contact donations
  • plugin for managing publishing accounts and hooks for links to external accounting systems

3 October 2016:

  • gift aid exceptions, and HMRC gift aid spreadsheet download
  • start of bank account management: more to follow

16 September 2016:

  • add star ratings for templates to control how near the top of the list they are displayed
  • withdraw nultiple choice for template audiences – now suerseded by combination lists
  • rounds visible to non-editors; add download of csv for all rounds

9 September 2016:

  • search for multiple membership types and selectable fields in general search
  • add list sources which combine other lists in various ways
  • add default list descriptions
  • save and add to saved shortcut buttons under search results

2 August 2016:

  • add {if: member} and {if: contact} substitutions

22 August 2016:

  • publish accounts to create membership snapshot

6 July 2016:

  • purge old emails

30 June 2016:

  • county and country in address (installation option), uses country to position and check postcode
  • admin option to amend and add to list of contact types
  • map search now optionally also works for contacts

29 June 2016:

  • added two-factor authentication

24 May 2016:

  • version 3 released (generalised for other organisations)
  • management of membership types
  • management of delivery rounds
  • full screen editing of templates
  • list source options: specifically select representatives by body and contacts by type
  • ability to show subscribers of an opt-out list (in the lists panel) and of a template audience (in the mailshots panel)
  • fix bug whereby under-privileged users could use the opt-out/in menus
  • enable gift aid for contacts
  • replace map provider: maps now provided by CartoDB

22 April 2016:

  • individual photo ids (not enabled in all installations)
  • mailshots targeting individuals, not just memberships
  • move statistics and add reminder to library section (formerly messages).

23 March 2016:

  • add contact type Follower and related mailing list.
  • allow templates to have more than one list as audience.
  • simplified subscriptions and opt-outs.
  • direct testing of mailshots.

19 March 2016:

  • filestore tagging and filtering to support lots of files.
  • limit default number and type of emails shown for membership in attachments etc. (will quickly get long otherwise).

15 March 2016:

  • saved search areas and related mailing lists.
  • search for members joining before or after a date.
  • button to apply statistics only to the selected memberships.

10 March 2016:

  • version 2 released (accumulated changes since December).
  • automaticaly save draft templates while editing, and restore button

14 Feb 2016:

  • Add general purpose filestore (it’s in messages).
  • Add buttons to email messages, for calls to action like ‘renew now’.
  • Add {if:} macros to distinguish between letter and email, for better sharing of content between templates.
  • Additional statement attachments to handle different kinds of OCR for paper bank statements.
  • Wide screens stack the main menu two-across to reduce amount of scrolling.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (see help – F1 – for details).
  • Add paper newsletter counts to statistics.
  • CTRL+arrow to move up and down results list, and CTRL+INS to jump to detail.
  • click on map search blue markers to select memberships; toggle those markers and membership rounds in map search.
  • Substantial update to support HTML formatted emails and letters.
  • Add ‘Reference’ contact type, and sort labels according to Reference first, then number of copies, then round number, per Lisa’s preference.
  • Report postcode errors.
  • Give contacts qrcodes to make mailing list opt-outs easier.
  • contact management, automated import of councillor details, matching of political representatives to members where available as contacts, press release mailing list for press contacts.
  • schedule emails for later sending.
  • added mailing list management.
  • added facility to merge new membership with existing.
  • show count of search results.
  • add statistics by political division and district.
  • add ‘send batch’ button on pending emails.
  • Add proper rubbber band lines and point dragging to map search area definitions.
  • Add API end point for exporting statements.
  • Lay foundations for allocating membership numbers from Cameo (to support contacts in the future).
  • Fix problem where QIF files and statement listings had transactions out of sequence within any one day.
  • Cross reference and link deposit to corresponding bank statement; allow 15 day leeway between deposit and date it appears on the statement instead of 10; show and link deposits separately from their statements in payment history.
  • Fix upload progress bar for second and subsequent files uploaded together.
  • Improvements to the “fuzzy matching” for statement reconciliation.

25 Sep 2015

  • Fix bug in payment history when cheques haven’t yet made it into a bank deposit.
  • Cameo goes live